Services provided by the Dental laboratory


Metal- ceramics

The wisil m Dental laboratory is achieving significant results in fixed appliances production such as: metal-ceramic crowns and bridges.

All- ceramics – CAD CAM technology

The laboratory has a CAD CAM CEREC. The utilization of modern optical scanner and special software ensures a fast and precise production of aesthetic dental appliances like all-ceramic crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and on-lays.

Milling technique

The laboratory produces all types of dental appliances that require the application of milling technique. Purposeful milling crowns, conical and telescope crowns, incorporation of a vide range of connecting elements represent the everyday program of this laboratory.

Clasp dentures

The wisil m Dental laboratory began its work with the production of clasp dentures, which became the particularity of this laboratory. A large number of complex dentures with attachments, telescope and conical crowns and implant- bearing dentures are being made in the laboratory.

Dentures with attachments

Dentures with telescope and conical crowns

Appliances on implants

A special area practiced by this laboratory is dental prosthetic implantology which represents a modern concept of contemporary dental prosthetic rehabilitation. The laboratory’s staff is trained to produce fixed and mobile appliances on various implantology systems (Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Ankylos and Astra).

Temporary crowns

During the production of dental appliances in the wisil m Dental center, temporary crowns are specially made for patients to use until the definite dental appliance is completed. Besides the significant role in protecting the dental tissue, the temporary crown also demonstrates to the patient the outlook of the final appliance in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The most contemporary composite materials such as the 3M ESPE Sinfony are used for making temporary crowns.

Classic dentures

The laboratory produces all kinds of classic, partial and complete dentures. Also, we produce special biological complete dentures based on a new concept of occlusion.

Occlusal splints

The Dental laboratory produces all kinds of occlusal splints for reducing craniomandibular dysfunctions. The Dental laboratory produces all kinds of occlusal splints, tooth whitening foils, sports protective splints and splints for bruxism treatment.

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