About us

The staff of the wisil m Dental center is represented with eleven dental technicians.

All dental technicians employed in the wisil m Dental laboratory are provided with permanent education, participation in various expert events, seminars, courses and other similar events. With the aim of following new technologies and trends in the domain of dental technique, the employees are developing professionally in accordance with a determined plan and needs.


The vision of the wisil m Dental laboratory is to become recognizable by its organization and business, to have, besides daily business of producing dental appliances, other types of education related activities, different forms of cooperation with the Faculty of Dental Medicine, publication of expert articles in various journals, as well as to deliver lectures upon invitations, organize courses, with the overall aim to permanently follow current developments.


Our mission is aimed at raising the level of quality in producing dental appliances as well as expanding knowledge in various spheres of dental technique in accordance with the state-of-the-art and top quality dental appliances.

Mila Simonović

Senior dental technician with extensive experience. Beside practicing and managing the laboratory’s work, she is also engaged in dental technique education. During her professional career she published over 50 studies presented on numerous seminars and other expert events. Together with many experienced and acknowledged European demonstrators she makes the team of professionals of the Slovenian “Interdent” Dental Educational Centre, where she successfully delivers specialized courses from the domain of clasp dentures and milling techniques.

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