Dental laboratory

The wisil m dental Laboratory is situated in New Belgrade. It was founded in 1993. The work of the contemporarily equipped laboratory is reflected in permanent development in accordance with the highest world standards as well as in producing dental prosthetic items according to the patients’ numerous indications and dentists’ request.

ISO standard

As of January 2008, the wisil m Dental laboratory holds the ISO9001:2001 Certificate guarantying quality management of product.


edukacija_8671Organized education is a part of this laboratory’s work. Foreign visiting lecturers and demonstrators from different domains of dental technique are visiting the laboratory. In this way, dental technicians receive permanent training in accordance with the latest achievements in this domain.


The wisil m Dental laboratory has a courier service with organized daily tours according to a set schedule. This business model ensures a safe and prompt distribution of dental impressions and prosthetic items.

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